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EmGe Naturals is an innovative range of pro-age bath and body skin care products that celebrate the unique beauty of women at all ages. Crafted with plant-based, ethically-sourced, and animal-friendly ingredients, this line of skincare is designed to emphasize the innate radiance of each individual woman, no matter where she is in life.

Here at EmGe, we accept the transformations that occur with the passing of time. We recognize that as we age, our happiness, wellbeing, knowledge and true selves improve. We trust that women grow even more gorgeous and satisfied as they mature. There is no need to just be obsessed with having a good-looking face when there is much more to admire. This is why our skin care essentials attend to every inch of your body for glowing, vibrant skin.

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Spa Quality & Science-Backed

At EmGe, we flourish in providing the highest quality of natural ingredients supported by science, and the spa wellness experience it brings. Each skin care product we design has been carefully crafted to support healthy skin and follows scientific principles. With our methods, you can trust that your skincare routine not only safe, but also efficient and healthy.

But it's not just about the products - the experience matters, too. Our skincare is tailored to bring a sense of peace and renewal, so you can enjoy your own wellbeing. From the delightful textures of our scrubs to the soothing aromas, everything has been thoughtfully planned to offer a sense of relaxation and self-care.

Our plant-based bath and body care is designed to bring you the best in terms of looking and feeling your best, and the results are sure to give you the boost of confidence you deserve.

Take the plunge and try our ultimate spa wellness experience today. Your skin and soul will thank you.

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Meet Myscha Our Founder

Myscha's intrigue with natural products was stirred when health issues pushed her to transition from processed to natural hair. Uncovering the unfavorable impacts of synthetic elements and caustic chemicals then guided her to take the next step into natural skincare.

For years, she had endured dry skin, yet despite using the highest-quality body moisturizers available, there had been little to no reduction in the flaking of her skin. This understanding of her aging process leading to a decrease in cell shedding eventually inspired her to create a body scrub which simultaneously exfoliates, locks in moisture and assists with healing.

With certifications in natural skincare formulation, Myscha scrutinizes every ingredient to make sure it is beneficial for the skin. She proudly provides a unique body exfoliator that adheres to her personal standard of high quality: all-natural elements, thorough exfoliation, subtle scents and a safe, simple application in the bath or shower.