EmGe Bath and Body with a purpose

Impacting people and the planet for good is our purpose at EmGe Naturals. It is at the heart of everything we do.  Our commitment to sustainability address social, environmental and economic concerns. 

EmGe Eco Friendly Pouch

Eco-Friendly Impact


We are often asked why our products don't come in a jar, prompting us to search for an answer that is mindful of sustainable skincare. We adopted a flexible pouch, a packaging method which requires less water and energy for production and transportation, creating less emissions in the process. Furthermore, the pouch generates minimal waste when it comes to landfills and is easier for customers to recycle.

Apart from being an environmentally conscious solution, our flexible pouch makes it easier and safer for users. By eliminating the use of a wide mouth jar if the product is accidentally dropped into the shower or tub the usefulness of the product is not lost. The pouch also helps reduce bacteria growth by allowing customers to squeeze the product into their hands instead of dipping wet hands into the jar, thereby preserving the product's efficacy for longer.

prepping shea nuts for EmGe Naturals body scrubs

Local & Global Impact

Economic Sustainability

Our company is committed to contributing to the global economy, and we achieve this through our partnerships with firms who directly source shea butter from West Africa, through careful harvesting practices, for use in all EmGe products.

This allows the women in these regions to receive adequate monetary remuneration for their shea nut harvests, and helps them to invest in improvements for their communities, whether it's providing better education for their children, more accessible water and food sources, or something else entirely.

We are sustainable and ethical on purpose, so we are also committed to providing employment in our community as we grow. The more that companies like ours support local and global communities, the more benefits we all reap.

EmGe Naturals Diversity

Social Sustainability

EmGe is firmly in support of all those who are seeking social justice and equality across the world. We voluntarily pledge to consider environmental and social factors while overseeing our interactions with our customers, business partners, and suppliers.

Not only do we offer tangible products, but also provide online educational resources that can aid our customers to improve not just their skin health, but also to better their physical, mental, and spiritual health.