A community of women having common character, occupation, or interest. Accompanied with strong sense of unity and a willingness to encourage, inspire and share good vibes.

We are the tribe for women like you

What Our Community is All About

NO. 1

WE ARE THE TRIBE -  That  rejects the damaging myths we've all been told about aging and encourage each other to start living our truth—that we get better with age.

NO. 2

WE ARE A TRIBE - That shares a passion for skincare made from nature, without harsh chemicals, that delivers results. There is science to support the power of plants for skincare.

NO. 3

WE ARE A TRIBE - That wants bath & body essentials that are clean, fresh.  Not products that sit on store shelves or in warehouses for months or years before they arrive at our door.

NO. 4

WE ARE A TRIBE - That come in all shapes, sizes and skin type. We realize our skin will get drier as we age but aging does not mean we are not still fly, grown & sexy, voluptuous, all that and a bag of chips.

NO. 5

WE ARE A TRIBE - That realizes no matter where we are in life the skin below our chin deserves to be cared for. Healthy skin does not stop at our chin.

NO. 6

WE ARE A TRIBE - That works hard and plays hard,  so we need our skin care routine to remain simple.

NO. 7

WE ARE A  TRIBE - That welcomes individuality and embraces the skin we are in.