Our Core Values

EmGe operates on four core values that exemplify the heart of our company.  


We believe customers appreciate when businesses are up front with them. They’ll have a better idea of what’s really going on, and can manage their expectations appropriately. Being authentic is the best policy and just the right thing to do. EmGe will be clear, concise and candid about every product, every ingredients, every hinderance and every benefit of our products.

We honestly value our customers and want to consistently provide them with quality, effective, natural ingredients and a community to share common skin care challenges, provide feedback and gain knowledge to achieve a healthy glow and be comfortable in their own skin.


Skin disease can cause children a lot of physical pain however often times what is worse, is the emotional pain children with skin disease experience as a result of their appearance. We are proud to commit a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that work to encourage and empower children with various skin conditions, birth marks or chronic skin diseases, and brings about community awareness.To learn more about these organizations visit 

Children's Skin Disease Foundation

A Children's House for the Soul


We continually search for sustainable ways to create our products by utilizing responsibly sourced natural ingredients and analyzing vendor supply chains. For example when we learned that the production of palm oil destroys rainforests and biodiversity causing orangutans to face extinction, we removed it from our products. To learn more about saving the orangutan visit The Orangutan Foundation International 

In addition to ensuring that our ingredients are responsibly sourced we actively reduced the environmental impact of our packaging by selecting a flexible stand up pouch. Our flexible packaging not only improves ease of use and eliminates wet hands in the product but also reduces land fill waste and has a lower carbon foot print than plastic jars or rigid plastic bottles.


EmGe stands in solidarity with those fighting for social justice and equality worldwide.

We voluntary commit to take environmental and social factors into account when managing our relationship with our business partners, suppliers and customers.

We provide both tangible products and online educational resources to help our customers reach their goals not just in the area of skin care, but in their physical, mental and spiritual well being.

We strive to ensure safe and ethical manufacturing of our products and we are committed to providing employment in our community as we grow.