What's Good

Here you will find artisan crafted skin care that is designed to reach the goal of Skin Perfection.  We all want healthy, glowing, blemish free skin and not just on our faces. EmGe creates quality, effective, pampering products by researching which ingredients actually improve the health and appearance of the epidermis. The entire EmGe ( "MG")  skincare line consist of an emollient combination of botanical ingredients, essential oils, and aromatic fragrances that exfoliate, moisturize, and heal resulting in soft, smooth, hydrated skin. Our skin care line includes, scrubs, lotions, body washes, lip care and natural deodorant.  Every product is paraben free and made in the USA.


At EmGe one of our core values is honesty therefore we want to make sure you know the real deal regarding the term "NATURAL". The FDA has considered the term “natural” to mean that nothing artificial or synthetic (including all color additives regardless of source) has been included in, or has been added to a product. This is why you may see 98%-99% natural on some of our fruit fragranced products.  While some fruit fragrances can be captured in essential oils and others can not and fragrance vendors do not provide ingredient list because they are considered trade secrets .   For the most aromatic fruit fragrances scrubs and lotions we carefully select vegan and organic fragrance oils to infuse into those products.