A Little History


Evolution Of The EmGe Body Scrub

It started in a little glass mason after discovering sugar scrubs at Disney. Our creator wanted to recreate that soft skin feeling for her friends, but EMGE Naturals' first body scrubs - left your skin fabulously moisturized and glowing, but it left your tub or shower like an ice-skating rink. There had to be a better balance of ingredients.

From a tiny glass jar in 2013, that we gifted to family and friends,  to the wide mouth plastic jar that we sold to health food retailers and vended at wine festivals, to the squeezable sauce bottle, that never made it to the public, to what is now our most talked about eco-friendly pouches...

EmGe Natural Body Scrubs have evolved into one of the most impressive physical exfoliators on the market. Combining skin beneficial, plant-based ingredients with all-natural exfoliators, delectable fragrances and packaged for ease of use. Every ingredient is carefully selected for its benefit to the skin. At EmGe there is a perfect plant- powered scrub for every part of your body for renewed confidence and radiant glow.

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