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The Essential Body Skincare That You Need to Know

The Essential Body Skincare That You Need to Know

When you type in ‘skincare’ to your search engine, you’ll find millions (and millions!) of articles and blog posts about your facial skincare routine. We all know the importance of regular facials, using moisturizer, and removing your makeup before bed. With all the focus on our face, it’s easy to forget about the rest of your body. The skin below your chin deserves just as much TLC as your face. Our goal is to help you shift your focus to your whole body – from head to toe – with plant-powered skincare.

Starting Your Full Body Skincare Routine

You want to be incorporating bath and body essential skincare into your routine. Using a moisturizer on your body is just as important as your nightly face cleanser. The oxidative stress that affects your skin doesn’t stop at your chin. While we’re used to a morning and night-time skincare routine, you want to have a daily – or weekly – body care routine. 

Everyone’s routine is different and should be tailored to meet the needs of your skin type. Three steps are universal and should appear in every routine.

  1. Scrub

Your body sheds thousands of dead skin cells every day. Using a scrub exfoliates your skin, rejuvenating dull-looking skin and leaving it smooth to the touch. The best way to use a body scrub is to dampen your skin before exfoliating to avoid irritation.

  1. Body Wash

When you’re shampooing your hair, don’t forget to use a body wash that contains natural ingredients. It’ll help keep your skin clean and remove dead skin cells.

  1. Body Lotions and Body Butters

Give your skin the nourishing hydration that it needs with a body lotion. Our plant-powered skincare range includes a Coconut Milk Body Lotion that is nourishing for dry skin that is packed full of natural antioxidants. You can apply your body lotion every evening or after showering to lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy.

If you prefer a thicker formula, why not try a body butter? Our Sugar and Spice Body Body Butter detoxifies your skin, giving you an even complexion while brightening the appearance of your skin.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Your skin type isn’t the same all over. You might have oily skin on your face and dry skin on your arms and legs. It’s all about the climate you live in and the way your body functions. Just because you’re using one type of products for your face doesn’t mean you should be using the same for your body. 

There are areas of our body – like our elbows and knees – that are naturally drier than elsewhere on our skin. You want to tailor your body care routine to address the specific concerns of each area of your body. It might involve using a different type of lotion or cream on one part of your skin that is drier or oiler than the rest. When you understand your skin type, it makes it easier to curate the right products for your routine.

At EmGe, we specialize in bath and body essential skincare using plant and natural ingredients. Our focus is on providing plant-powered skincare that works for every skin type. 

Are you not sure what EmGe products are right for your skin type? We’ve put together a custom quiz, so you’ll have your perfect match in just a few clicks.

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