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Why do people choose natural skincare products?

In recent years there has been a massive increase in the popularity of natural skincare products and many people these days actively choose to buy them over synthetic skincare products. But whilst it seems like natural skincare products are a new trend, people have actually been using them for centuries! 

So, why do people choose natural skincare products?

  • They help your skin look and feel better:

Natural products don’t dry out the skin like synthetic products can, and have even been shown to slow down the ageing process due to the natural vitamins and extra moisture found in them. Natural products often contain a lot more moisture than synthetic products – not only is this important for people with dry skin, but people with oily skin actually need to keep their skin full of moisture too!


  • less chance of irritation:

As natural products are gentler on the skin, it leads to less chance of irritation. Changing your beauty regime can seem daunting if you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, and so often sufferers stick to the same products as they don’t know whether a new product will trigger a flare-up or an allergy. But natural skincare products are actually often the answer as they contain less ingredients and are generally not as harsh on the skin, so there is actually a much lower chance of them causing irritation.

  • synthetic skincare products can be harmful:

Some synthetic skincare products actually have parabens (preservatives) in them which can lead to disruptions in hormone production and an increased risk of cancer. You see, the ingredients in personal care products actually don’t need to be strictly regulated or approved.


  • they have actually been tried and tested for years!

As I mentioned before, natural skincare in by no means a new thing: what do you think people did hundreds of years ago before synthetic skincare was around? They used natural remedies – take aloe vera for example, people have known it’s healing properties for centuries!


  • environmentally friendly!

By using natural products that haven’t been tested on animals and that don’t damage the environment, you’re doing your part and making a difference.

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