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Does your skincare routine STOP at YOUR FACE???

In 2017, 52% of U.S. consumers reportedly using skin care products every day. A large portion of that was on products for the face. But what about the rest of the skin found on your body?

Here is a list of a few other places on your body you need to be sure to care for.

1. Your Elbows - Exfoliate them

2. Your nails - Hydrate them

3. Butt & Back - Get rid of those bumps

4. Your Chest - Sleeping on stomach and side creates fine line so be sure moisturize  and try sleeping on your back

5. Your Hand - Keep them well groomed, protect them with SPF and wear gloves when washing dishes.

6. Your neck - keep it moisturize and avoid cleansers that contain alcohol.

7. Your Feet - the most abused body part needs plenty TLC.  Soak them, exfoliate them and moisturize them.

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