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3 Things That Happen to Our Skin With the Passage of Time

Let's talk for a moment about our skin with the passage of time:

1. The content of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases.  They are responsible for making the skin firm and elastic.

2. There is a reduced volume of hyaluronic acid, responsible for retaining water in the dermis. Its low content results in the appearance of wrinkles not only on the face, but also the neck and chest. Over time, elasticity of the skin decreases and it slowly loses its natural regenerative abilities.

3. Regardless of your age, your skin also fights against external enemies – alcohol and coffee when consumed in excessive amounts, drastic slimming treatments, cold and/or dry air, sunlight and stress.

So remember in addition to using EmGE Bath & Body Care, eat a Balanced DietOxygenate by enjoying sports or taking brisk walks (about 30 min 3 x a week) and Rest - eight hours of sleep is necessary to restore the skin’s power of self-regeneration.

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