A body scrub in a pouch? Why? We know that most body scrubs come in a jar, so why in the world would we put our body scrub in a flexible pouch. Here's why. 


1. We wanted to show the planet some love  by being committed to creating products that enable environmental responsibility.  - Flexible packaging requires less water and energy to manufacture and transport, and generates small quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market. Our flexible pouch packaging ultimately results in less consumer waste being sent to landfills. Our flexible packaging help our products be more convenient, enjoyable, and safer for our consumers.

2. We wanted to preserve your body scrub from the inevitable drop in the shower or tub. Because body scrubs are used primarily in the shower it is just a matter of time before you drop your container while using your scrub. If it were in a jar and you dropped it in the shower you would probably lose some of your product because the warm water is going to melt the sugar which is the main exfoliant. Drop a jar in the tub and it's a wrap. You are going to need a brand new jar. That is not the case with the pouch. Drop the pouch in the shower or tub and very little water if any will reach your scrub. 

3. We wanted to minimize the potential for bacteria growth. The moment you introduce water into your scrub you create an environment in which bacteria can grow. Let's face it we never get enough scrub with just 1 handful, we all go back for just a little more and usually that is with a wet hand. By allowing you to squeeze your scrub into your hand instead of putting your wet hands into your jar of scrub, we made it a safer and reduce the potential for yucky things to grow in your product.

EmGe Naturals Bath & Body in a pouch is good for you, your skin and the planet.

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