About Us


Our Mission

To create a premium, plant-based bath and body skin care brand that is composed of a collection of products that improve the texture and appearance of your skin, provide soothing aromatherapy while combating common skin concerns; allowing you to become more comfortable and confident. To ensure our product offering clearly align with our core values, while providing both tangible products and online educational resources to help our customers reach their healthy skin goals. Encouraging every person to "Love The Skin You're In"


Our Vision

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality, naturally based products that nurture the skin and senses. Each of our bath and body essentials is created with a fusion of plant-based, antioxidant and moisturizer formula that helps strengthen, protect and restore the skin.

We believe to become a leader in the bath and body industry we must bring awareness to the effectiveness of natural skincare ingredients by integrating nature-based purity with the latest science available to deliver products that do what they promise. 

To reduce and help eliminate the use of chemicals and plastics by first reducing our own carbon footprint. To be the first choice when considering a bath and body product.


 Evolution of the EmGe Body Scrub

We all want healthy, glowing, blemish free skin and not just on our faces but taking care of our skin is all about balance. Balancing ingredients that moisturize and ingredients that cleanse. When it comes to body scrubs there has been a struggle to find that balance. Most skin exfoliators are super oily and leave a mess.  Even EMGE Naturals' first product line - it left your skin fabulously moisturized and glowing, but it left your tub or shower like an ice-skating rink.  There had to be a better balance of ingredients.

From  a tiny glass jar to the wide mouth plastic jar and the squeezable sauce bottle, EmGe Natural Body Scrubs have evolved into one of the most impressive physical exfoliators on the market.  Combining skin beneficial, plant-based ingredients with all-natural exfoliators, delectable fragrances and packaged for ease of use.  Every ingredient  is carefully selected for its benefit to the skin. At EmGe there is a perfect plant- powered scrub for every part of your body for renewed confidence and radiant glow.

Our Product Line

We know what it's like when you realize that your favorite body lotion or cream just doesn't give you that glow any more or you apply your skincare products in the morning and by lunch time your looking down at your arms or legs and saying "who has some lotion?" That is why EmGe Naturals is committed to artisan crafted skin care that produces a transformation, not just makes you smell good.


The growing collections of EmGe Naturals bath and body products are designed to enhance the benefits of our scrubs. They provide a simple cohesive process to keep your skin beautiful regardless of skin type. Exfoliate, Moisturize, Glow, Effectively to give back confidence through the restoration of healthy skin. We are not just throwing a bunch natural ingredients together, just to say we are a natural skin care brand. We actually research and seek out ingredients proven to improve the health and appearance of the epidermis.


The entire EmGe ("MG") bath and body skincare line consist of an emollient combination botanical ingredients, essential oils and aromatic fragrances that exfoliate, moisturize and heal resulting in soft smooth hydrated skin. Our skin care includes scrubs, lotions, body washes and lip care.

Our Founder

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Grandma, Sister and Entrepreneur, in that order, pretty much defines Myscha, founder of EmGe Naturals. The name even came from the fact the she and her mother in-law shared the same initials and worked together on the first formulations and packaging of the body scrub.  Myscha’s interest in natural products was sparked at the beginning of the natural hair movement when medical issues made moving from relaxed to natural hair a necessity.  Discovering the adverse effects of synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals made moving to natural skincare an obvious next step for her.

Myscha has struggled with dry skin since her early 30’s and quickly learned that most store brand lotions did nothing to moisturize her skin.  Research also taught her that using even the best body moisturizers on the market, had little effect on dead shedding skin. So Myscha set out to formulate a lusciously effective body exfoliating scrub that met a high-quality set of standards - natural ingredients, generous exfoliation, aromatic fragrances and it had to be easy to use. No wet hands in the scrub or having to stir before every use. EmGe Naturals Body Scrub was created to remove the dead skin making way for perfect lotion to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

In her own words “ I spent years buying bath and body products that smelled wonderful but the ingredient list rarely included anything that was actually good for my skin. I  wanted to create a scrub and lotion combo that would soothe dry skin and give it a healthy glow. I felt we should keep our products simple and clean with a focus on efficacy." says Myscha. "I also wanted to make others aware that there are natural skin care ingredients with excellent efficacy in improving their appearance and enhancing their touch." 

As a minority, woman owned bath and body company, Myscha and out team set out with the mission to create allover skincare, that assist our customers in becoming more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our entire line is formulated to gently remove dead skin cells, heal blemishes and provide deep hydration all day long. We believe it’s about improving what you have - NOT adding layers of unnatural products that smell good but aren’t good for you.”